Till Sanders

Hallo, I'm Till from the cloudy mountains of Lüden­scheid, Germany

Being both a Designer and a Web Developer, I spent the last decade learning about and shaping the difficult interaction between human and metal minds.

FinanzRitter ~ Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

-> I take pride in making the most challenging concepts easily accessible and put this to good use as co-founder of FinanzRitter, a digital insurance broker.

OpenElectionCompass ~ Creator

-> I'm passionate about free and open source software and created the Open­Election­Compass to support political education, participation and democracy.

What makes my work possible <3

  • Design:
    Figma & Affinity Suite
  • Development:
    Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel, NativeScript, Nest.js, TypeScript
  • (Life):
    Family & Friends, Scouting & Hiking, Pasta & Beer

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